Grand Pacific pendant. Silver w. turquoise

Jewelry type :
Necklace pendants
Without diamonds
Steeped with history and mystery, turquoise is truly a captivating stone and is by many cultures considered a sacred stone due to its clear and pure colour which invites tranquility. Its beautiful colour is reminiscent of the colours of the sea and sky; whoever chooses a turquoise is sure to enjoy a piece of Heaven... on Earth. The stone is set in a slender, inverted teardrop shape. The pendant can easily be added to the Kharisma, Luna or Esme earrings and creates a completely new look to the earrings. The pendant can also be worn in a long or short neck chain; choose between our Stream or Flow chains. Pair with other jewelry from this collection for a versatile and beautiful look or mix with jewelry across collections for a personal and stunning look. Please note, that Pearls are organic and can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products of all kinds.

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