The Kharisma collection

The basic shape of the collection is the curving piece of precious metal that starts its movement slightly above the earlobe and in a soft swing aligns with the chin ending beautifully behind the ear.

The jewellery is created in gold, white gold, pink gold, silver and oxidized silver with or without diamonds. The Kharisma earrings are available in four sizes.

"The curve of the earrings and the edgy, glamorous surfaces are examples of the beautiful craftsmanship that our goldsmiths master. We are without compromises, when it comes to the small details of the earrings. It is, after all, the details that characterizes - even from afar - a pair of beautiful Kharisma earrings", Marianne Dulong explains

Endless combination options

Anja Camilla Alajdi and Marianne Dulong have created a collection of pendants, which changes the look of the earrings in a second. The pendants can also be worn on a necklace.

Kharismatic fusions

The Dulong Fine Jewelry universe consists of a number of collections, each with unique characteristics, but with a common identity, which makes the pieces compliment each other across collections. The Kharisma bracelet is a beautiful combination of the soft Kharisma curve and the floating lock with a brilliant cut diamond from the Balloon collection.

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