The Pacific collection

Which gemstone will make your heart flutter? The mysterious mist of the moonstone or the inner, blue light of the aquamarine? Does your skin tone glow more in the warm lustre of gold or in the clear light of silver? Find your perfect match within our collections of gemstones.

Unique Personalities

We have personally hand picked every single gemstone to ensure that they have the right quality and allure. This allows you to choose between a rare and beautiful collection of unique stones.

Aquamarines each have an individual colour tone, which ranges from the cool blue of the Nordic winter ocean to a golden turquoise. The star rubies have vibrant, naturally created patterns, and the moonstones have dramatic depths and silky nuances of which none are alike.

Cabochon cut

The cabochon cut brings out the natural colours and patterns of the stone, which is hand picked and unique and therefor may vary slightly in size and colour The Pacific collection with the cabochon cut gemstones consists of rings, pendants and bracelets.

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