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Harmony earring with 26 brilliant cut diamonds. Total 0,65 ct. 2 x 0,23 ct. F/G, vs2, Ex. cut. 24 x 0,008 ct. F/G, vs2, Ex. cut

43.900,00 DKK
Retail price
43.900,00 DKK
Price per piece.
0,00 DKKPer. 
Color: Gold 18 K

The Harmony collection is created for women who love diamonds. The rosette ring is the focal point of the collection. There are many benefits to letting a beautiful diamond take centre stage, surrounded by a wreath of smaller diamonds. The diamond in the middle will look even bigger and the different-sized diamonds will reflect light on one another, for an even more exclusive and glamorous expression.

For the Harmony collection, we have created ear studs in two sizes. For example, if you have several piercings in the same ear, wear the two sizes together for a classic, raw and glamorous look. These ear studs have a total of 0.65 carat diamonds.

You can also combine the ear studs with other earrings from Dulong to create your very own expression. At Dulong, we only use diamonds with the best cut and a fantastic inner fire. You can read even more about diamonds in our diamond guide here >>



Harmony is the collection for women who love diamonds. When a large diamond takes centre stage, while surrounded by 12 smaller diamonds, you get an expression that is classic, glamorous and timeless. We have created a piece that pays homage to the diamond and the historical fascination that women have with these beautiful gemstones. Mix different sizes of ear studs, and wear several at the same time, or pair the jewellery with other collections from Dulong for a completely personalised look.