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Curve ring. 5.5 mm wide.

18.500,00 DKK
Retail price
18.500,00 DKK
Price per piece.
0,00 DKKPer. 
Color: Gold 18 K

Express your love and passion with our elegant Curve ring. A simple, elegant ring, carrying a strong and beautiful message constantly reminding you of you beloved partner.

Each Curve ring is created by hand by our expert goldsmiths and is a unique piece of jewelry with its own beautiful structures and patterns. The hand filed surface that characterizes Dulong jewelry will only become more beautiful with time.

The Curve collection embraces five beautiful rings. Curve is available in gold 18K or white gold 18 K.


Curve Collections

With its matte look and raw, knurled surface, Dulong's Curve rings are part of the expression that characterizes Dulong's classic collections. Curve rings are made for both women and men and are the perfect engagement and wedding rings.


Men's Jewelry

Jewelry for men is no longer only a watch and a wedding ring – today men are just as aware of the joy of jewelry as women are and want to wear bracelets and necklaces. That's why Dulong has designed a men's collection which is raw, masculine, and dressy for any man. The collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks.