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Aura Sway earrings with 2 brilliant cut diamonds

Aura Sway earrings with 2 brilliant cut diamonds. Total 0,04 ct. F/G, vs, Ex. cut.

12.900,00 kr.
Retail price
12.900,00 kr.
Price per piece.
0,00 kr.Per. 

Jewellery from the Aura collection embraces nature's organic forms and movements; a breeze, the flutter of wings and leaves blowing in the wind. The earrings' unique texture and design are combined here with a beautiful diamond. The silky-matt texture casts a golden shimmer on the wearer’s face, highlighting cheekbones and eye colour.

This jewellery is created to be worn with pieces from across all Dulong collections.

  • Collection: All Products Aura
  • Jewelry type: Øreringe
  • Details: Med brillanter

Aura Collections

The Aura Collection embraces the organic shapes and movements of nature; the breeze, wings in flight and leaves in the wind. Pair with other jewellery from this collection for a versatile and beautiful look or mix with jewellery across collections.