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Butterfly pendant.

3.750,00 kr.
Retail price
3.750,00 kr.
Price per piece.
0,00 kr.Per. 

The butterfly symbolizes female grace, elegance and delicate movements. Each exquisite butterfly is cut from precious metal. With small, precise movements, the expert goldsmiths have scratched the wings of the butterfly creating an impression of a butterfly wing in motion.

The Butterfly pendant looks beautiful on a short or long necklace, e.g. our Stream necklace or our Kharisma necklace. The pendant comes in gold 18K or silver.

  • Collection: All Products Butterfly
  • Jewelry type: Vedhæng

Butterfly Collections

The butterfly is a symbol of feminine grace, movement and energy. The delicate structure of the wings, hand carved into the metal, creates the illusion of a whimsical butterfly in motion.