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Glory pendants with amethysts and 2 brilliant cut diamonds. Total 0,22 ct. F/G, vs2, Ex. cut.

19.900,00 DKK
Retail price
19.900,00 DKK
Price per piece.
0,00 DKKPer. 
Color: Gold 18 K

The beautiful Glory pendants are the epitome of elegance with the delicate amethysts, creating an enchanting and exclusive look.

The pendants can easily be added to the Kharisma or Esme earrings to create a sophisticated new look. The pendants can also be worn in a long or short neck chain; choose e.g. our Stream chains or the Kharisma necklace The jewelry is created to be worn with Dulong jewelry across the collections.


Glory Collections

The Glory collection is centred on a brilliant cut white diamond that looks as if it is floating in the air. The circle is hand-polished, creating an edgy yet smooth surface that adds a beautiful contrast to the exclusive diamond.