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Piccolo Moonlight necklace with Tahitian pearls, 90 cm.

16.900,00 DKK
Retail price
16.900,00 DKK
Price per piece.
0,00 DKKPer. 
Color: Gold 18 K
Size guide

The long Piccolo Moonlight pearl necklace is exquisite and elegant. The fine craftmanship is in every detail and every gemstone of the beautiful and very flattering necklace.

In the exquisite pearl necklace, Dulong have put Tahitian pearls together with gold creating a glamorous and exclusive design. The Piccolo Moonlight necklace also comes in a shorter version.

Please note, that pearls are made out of an organic Materiale that does not stand with soap, cream or perfume.


Piccolo Collections

The Piccolo collection is one of the most treasured Dulong collections. The pieces are so delicate and easy to wear, adding understated glamour and exclusivity to every look.