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Piccolo Sea Breeze bracelet with emerald, aquamarine, kyanite, citrine and heart symbol.

7.500,00 kr.
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7.500,00 kr.
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0,00 kr.Per. 
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The enchanting, delicate Piccolo Sea Breeze bracelet includes blue sapphire, emerald, yellow citrine, kyanite and aquamarine stones. The magical colour composition is inspired by the fresh air and sea hues that we find along the coasts of Denmark.

Piccolo Sea Breeze is available in 18K gold or silver. This beautiful bracelet is part of Dulong's popular Piccolo collection. See more styles here.

  • Collection: All Products Piccolo
  • Jewelry type: Armbånd
  • Details: Akvamarin, Citrin, Hjerte, Kyanite, New, Safir, Smaragd

Piccolo Collections

The Piccolo collection is one of the most treasured Dulong collections. The pieces are so delicate and easy to wear, adding understated glamour and exclusivity to every look.