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Thera earrings. Large.

13.900,00 kr.
Retail price
13.900,00 kr.
Price per piece.
0,00 kr.Per. 

Inspired by conch shells and Greek goddesses, Thera earrings are simultaneously dramatic and refined. With a captivating expression, they float easily on the ear. The hand-filed surface lends them a raw and glamorous look – the essential character of Dulong jewellery.

Thera earrings are available in both 18K gold or in silver. Thera earrings come in small and large sizes.

  • Collection: All Products Thera
  • Jewelry type: Øreringe
  • Details: Guldøreringe

Thera Collections

The design and the name behind the Thera jewelry is inspired by the island of Santorini in Greece, originally was named Thera. The jewelry is dramatic and elegant at the same time, and represents a graphic and sharp expression.