What do you do for a living?

I am a freelancer and almost always work on multiple tasks at the same time. My own movies are years-long processes, which I combine with concurrently shorter project appointments on different TV productions. The single most wonderful thing about working freelance is the freedom. I feel very privileged with my work life and don’t just take it for granted.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I am particularly proud of the movies and the music I have made. It's something that comes from my heart and bears my mark. I'm also proud that I've learned to use my sensitivity in my work, instead of making it a limitation.

What does ethnicity mean to you?

I'm proud of my roots. And I'm learning more and more about my father's culture, religion and country. But I have always identified myself as Danish. What it means to be Danish is something I recently have reflected upon. My work with my new documentary "The Black Chapter" has made me ask critical questions. I have learned a lot about our history through my work with the film, in particular when it comes to our role in the colonial period and slave trade.

Which strong women have inspired you?

From an outside perspective, all the icons that have taken part in my cultural education: PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and Madonna. In recent years Sofia Coppola, Lena Dunham and Maya Angelou. From my personal life, my mother has been a huge inspiration. At a very early age, she taught me the word expression: "a little rain never hurt anyone". She taught me that in our family, we get up when we fall, we’re not afraid of hard work, and we will continue until we succeed.

How would you like to inspire other women?

Through my actions and my work. I believe in a high level of ambition combined with a generous and loving behaviour. You should be willing to support and show commitment to other people regardless of gender, and dare to share and to involve yourself. I think we have an obligation to take ourselves seriously, not be self-sufficient, but act with self-respect.

Would you like to elaborate on that?

Yes, generations of women before us have fought for civil rights, respect and equality. We should not waste all that. I would rather hear what my fellow sister has to offer than how she looks on social media. I love beauty, celebrate the wonder of the female body. But I'm more interested in using your platform instead of just having one. And I try to use mine to tell stories that others can identify with and hopefully be inspired by.

If you could give advice to other women, what would it be?

Be attentive about what you pass on to your children. Your self-esteem and your actions are reflections of the glasses they see the world through.



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