Who wouldn’t love to have a personal stylist helping with all the difficult decisions for the big day? Anja Camilla Alajdi, stylist, designer and partner in Dulong Fine Jewelry, answers some of the questions that keep future brides awake at night.

The hairstyle

The most important thing to consider is to opt for something you know will suit you and not necessarily consider what is in vogue right now. On this day, you do not need to set trends or challenge the classics. Ask your hairdresser to be completely honest about what will look best on you.

It is also important to take into consideration the jewellery you will be wearing. Ear studs tend to be hidden if your hair is worn loose and a necklace gets more attention with your hair worn up.

The wedding photos

Trust is important when it comes to your photographer. It should be a person who is able to catch the essence of you as a couple. Make sure to discuss your dreams and requests before you meet with the photographer. Which sides of your personality would you like to show family and friends? Are you an outdoor person and would like pictures in a nature setting? Pictures in which you’re having fun? Or more formal pictures in front of the church?

On the big day, allow the photographer to be with you as much as possible so she or he can capture those small, intimate moments between the two of you.

The jewellery

I believe that jewellery deserves to be allocated a significant part of the budget. It adds a lot to the look of the bride on the big day, and unlike the dress, the hairdresser, the flowers and the cake, it is an investment for a lifetime.

The Kharisma earrings with pearl pendants are the perfect wedding jewellery. After the wedding, you can wear the earrings without the pearls for a more casual look and then just add the pearls when you want to dress up. The pendant can also be worn on a chain, which will give you even more variety with the same piece of jewellery.

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After the wedding

It is typical for women that we like to justify our shopping; so lots of brides-to-be will gloss over the expense of the dress by saying that it can be used again and again after the wedding.

However, it rarely happens that a re-designed wedding dress really looks good. I would recommend wrapping the dress carefully in acid-free paper and put it away for posterity. Then you can always unwrap it once in a while and enjoy the memories.


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