New Colours: Vesuvian and Turquoise

This season's collection is inspired by nature's vivid colours: the alluring shades of the clear blue sky and the deep green forest lake. Based on the two natural gemstones - Turquoise and Vesuvian - Dulong Fine Jewelry has created classic, edgy and glamorous rings, pendants and bracelets with clear references to nature's pure colours.

Steeped with history and mystery, turquoise is truly a captivating stone and is by many cultures considered a sacred stone due to its clear and pure colour, which invites tranquillity. Its beautiful colour is reminiscent of the colours of the sea and sky; whoever chooses a turquoise is sure to enjoy a piece of Heaven... on Earth. It will serve as an eye catcher at any summer party…

The same can be said of the mythical gemstone Vesuvian, named after the Italian volcano Vesuvius, where the mineral was first found and described. The beautiful dusty green colour of the stone symbolises the imperfect and quiet.

Both Turquoise and Vesuvian symbolises peace and harmony, balance and versatility. The collection is in stores from March 1.

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