March 2017


Spring equals lightness and joy! We are celebrating spring with new bracelets and necklaces in a new colour palette of soft and delicate colors. We have been working with radiant gemstones and feminine pearls in a beautiful mixture of pastel hues, pale shades, subtle neutrals and bright colors – the perfect combination for an elegant touch of spring. The bracelets and necklaces come in 18 K gold and silver.

The new gemstones include the shiny labradorite with associations to the stunning Northern light, the turquoise amazonite with white structures, prehnite chalcedony with a unique hue that ranges from light green to blueish as well as the star ruby and grenade with deep, alluring shades and finally the exquisite purple amethyst. Bracelets and necklaces come in 18 K gold and silver and looks beautiful in combination with jewelry from other collections.

March 2017


Pendants are an integrated part of Dulong Fine Jewelry. This spring we are adding two pendants to the Piccolo collection: one with freshwater pearls and one with pearls and gemstones in the same delicate blend of spring colours as the new bracelets and necklaces from the collection. Wear them with Kharisma, Esme or Luna earrings for an exclusive touch of colour or as a pendant for necklaces on a Stream or Flow chain. Both pendants are available in 18 K gold and silver.

March 2017


We have extended the Delphis collection with our version of the classic creol earring. The design is intricate and delicate with fine, shiny drops placed in an asymmetrical pattern along the hand polished surface – like fresh rain drops on the first day of spring. The result is exclusive with an elegant touch of relaxed bohemian attitude – classic, edgy and glamorous! The Delphis Creol earrings are available in 18 K gold and silver.

March 2017


A new pendant in 18 K gold and silver joins the Delphis collection. The new Delphis pendant has a shape like the stem of a spring flower – slightly bended as if a dust of wind just blew by. The expression is light and delicate with a feeling of feminine movement – a distinctive feature of many Dulong Fine Jewelry designs. The Delphis pendant can be worn as a pendant for earrings on Kharisma and Esme or as a pendant for necklaces.

March 2017


The Delphis pearl earring is a modern interpretation of the classic pearl earring. The pearl is set on a delicate stem decorated with fine, shiny drops. The structure of the earrings brings an elegant contrast to the feminine pearl leaving an exclusive, edgy and classic expression. The earring is available in 18 K gold and silver with either freshwater pearls or Tahitian pearls.


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