The name for the Kharisma collection is derived from the Greek word for personal charisma. The collection is centered on a beautiful energetic curved piece of precious metal repeated into earrings, a beautiful arm ring, and a sophisticated neck ring. The iconic earrings come in four different sizes and five different materials – and the vast variety of pendants enable a unique and personal statement.

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The Piccolo collection is a classic collection of fine and delicate bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Each item is created by hand with small, hand-polished pendants of gorgeous pearls and gemstones, reflecting our dedicated approach to craftsmanship.

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The new Balance pendants play with cool color combinations in a construction, which forms the perfect balance. The pendants consist of two pearls or gemstones combined by a gold or silver hand filed ring enabling the pendants to stay in constant motion with your every personal move while always in balance. Add the pendants to the Kharisma or Esme earrings or wear it in a long or short neck chain for a cool and playful yet balanced look.

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The Balloon collection is centred on a brilliant cut white diamond that looks as if it is floating in the air like a Balloon – hence the name. The circle is hand-polished, creating an edgy yet smooth surface that adds a beautiful contrast to the exclusive diamond.

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A classic collection of discreet and simple jewelry pieces that never goes out of style. Esme consists of feminine armrings and earrings and is characterized by its unique classic, yet edgy and glamorous surface characteristic of Dulong Fine Jewelry. The collection comes with or without brilliant cut diamonds. The classic earrings are discrete on their own and personal and unique with pendants. Choose between our wide range of pendants to create your own personal look.

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The Delphis collection is delicate and feminine and based on an intricate design with small, shiny drops placed in an asymmetrical pattern across rings, earrings, arm rings and pendants. The collection comes with or without freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls. The result is both edgy and glamorous with a touch of relaxed bohemian attitude.

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Anello is the Italian word for circle and is essential in the Dulong Fine Jewelry universe. Its infinite shape symbolizing eternity with no beginning and no end is repeated onto earrings, rings, arm rings, bracelets and pendants. The collection comes with or without freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls.

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The butterfly is a symbol of feminine grace, movement and energy. The delicate structure of the wings, hand carved into the metal, creates the illusion of a whimsical butterfly in motion. The collection comes in pendants and earrings with or without freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls or even with a hook allowing more pendant choices for a unique and personal expression.

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The collection is based on a round, organic shape. Tiny diamonds, playfully sprinkled on, reflect the light with every gesture and creates an exciting look that is both classic, edgy and glamorous. The collection is available in rings, earrings and a pendant necklace.

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Bring the future into the present. Inspired by our vision of a golden future, the Future collection embraces transformation, optimism and poetry by combining traditional craftsmanship with high-tech innovation and uncompromising design. The 18 K gold ring comes with either an alluering mint green beryl or a clear and shiny smoky quartz in our signature butterfly-cut that reflects the light and brings out the beautiful structures of the stones. The gorgeous ring catches the eye, like the fluttering of butterfly wings and the gorgeous arm ring completes the look.

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Twinkle is centered on one exquisite solitaire diamond carefully selected for its extraordinary grade mounted on a ring or on a pendant surrounded by a hand polished circle. The result is classic and glamorous.

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The Gordios collection is named after the legend of the Gordian Knot and symbolizes the unbreakable bond between two persons. Each knot is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship tied by hand and polished to perfection. It will add an edgy look to any outfit.

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Which gemstone or pearl will make your heart flutter? The mysterious mist of the moonstone, the inner, blue light of the aquamarine or the alluring dark Tahitian pearl? Find your perfect match in the Pacific collection of beautiful rings in different sizes and materials.

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A gorgeous collection of rings completes the Dulong Fine Jewelry universe. Each ring is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship with its own unique personal charisma and energy. The collection ranges from simple and elegant engagement rings to larger statement rings and signet rings. Three exquisite diamond rings with carefully selected diamonds complete the collection.

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A fusion of the starry sky and lunar eclipse. Luna is inspired by the night sky and its main characters; the moon and the stars. The collection consists of glamorous earrings with pearls or diamonds and a beautiful necklace with or without diamonds. In the collection, you will also find gorgeous earrings, simple and elegant when worn alone and glamorous with added pendants. Choose between our wide range of pendants to create your own personal look.

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