Diamond Rings

The exquisite collection of Dulong Fine Jewelry diamond rings include three rings centred on carefully selected diamonds and is a tribute to the ultimate love stories: love for diamonds and precious stones, love for the beautiful design and uncompromising craftsmanship – and last but not least: Love from one person to another… Diamonds are forever!

Harmony is our interpretation of the classic rosette ring. The beautiful center stone of excellent cut is surrounded by sparkling diamonds. The classic, edgy and glamorous ring creates an edgy contrast to the beautiful diamonds and provides a feminine yet edgy look.

Trinity is another beautiful classic from Dulong Fine Jewelry where the diamonds are in focus, representing your past, present and future. Trinity is set with three diamonds placed side by side. With a beautiful meaning and unique look, a three stone ring is a striking and romantic choice.

The exquisite diamond ring, Halo, is a modern classic from Dulong Fine Jewelry with its vintage look combined with a distinctive classic, edgy and glamorous expression. The ring comes with a total of 1,34 ct. diamonds in 18 carat white gold, highlighting the sparkling diamonds in the most beautiful way. Halo is characterized by the classic sparkling three-stone ring with excellent cut diamonds surrounded by a halo of glowing diamonds that will undoubtely stand out on every woman’s hand


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