Every time I touch you
It is like feeling my future
In my own hands.

Dulong Fine Jewelry has created a new ring that brings the future into the present. The inspiration is derived from our visions of the future – a dream of a golden future which combines traditional craftsmanship, high-tech innovation and uncompromising design.

Future is the name of the sculptural and futuristic ring in 18 K gold made with a signature butterfly-cut beryl that reflects the light and brings out its alluring mint green colours.

The unique stone setting catches the eye like the fluttering of butterfly wings, embracing transformation, optimism, and poetry. It comes in the characteristic rough surface in 18 K gold creating an edgy contrast to the feminine and beautiful gemstone.

To compliment the ring, Dulong Fine Jewelry also launches a sculptural bangle based on the same design language as the ring. The bangle combines strength and featherweight lightness and is extremely flattering on the wrist.

Future is at the same time classic, edgy and glamorous and reaches well into the future.

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