Every piece of exclusive Dulong Fine Jewelry is delivered in elegant, Jewelry boxes fitted to each individual piece, and wrapped in beautiful paper and gift bags.

The illustration on the paper and gift bags is based on a painting by artist Mette Hannemann. Mette Hannemann explains:

"My inspiration is based on a romantic photo of a woman wearing a dress in a butterflies and flowers pattern. She holds a small bouquet of daisies in her hand. The small bouquet is mixed with the floral pattern of the dress and the several layers of patterns and fragments of hands. The new logo of Dulong Fine Jewelry, the fine curving of the D, is mixed with butterflies and jewelry pieces, and is a universe of poetic, picturesque depths and golden hues. The butterfly is an old poetic symbol of life's beauty and transience”.

Mette Hannemann, is graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, has exhibited in Denmark and abroad. Mette Hannemann lives and works in Frederiksberg and operates Gallery Hannemann Lund on Værnedamsvej.


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