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Piccolo necklace with lapis lazuli, citrine, hessonite garnet, guava quartz and Tahiti pearls. 45 cm. Silver

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2.900,00 kr.
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The classic Piccolo necklace in 18 k gold comes with a unique combination of radiant gemstones and pearls in luxurious deep color hues. The necklace is created by hand with small, hand polished pendants resulting a light and delicate expression. The necklace comes with Tahitian pearls, guava quartz, lapis lazuli, citrine and hessonite garnet.

  • Kollektion: Piccolo
  • Smycken typ: Halskæder
  • Detaljer: Citrin, Granat, Guavakvarts, Hessonit, Lapis lazoli, Tahiti perler

Piccolo Collection

The Piccolo collection is one of the most treasured Dulong collections. The pieces are so delicate and easy to wear, adding understated glamour and exclusivity to every look. In SS20 we have added two new necklaces, Mellow and Bloom. The pearls and the various gemstones are put together in color combinations that make the necklaces harder to decode and create curiosity.