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Kharisma earrings. Small.

8.500,00 kr.
Retail price
8.500,00 kr.
Price per piece.
0,00 kr.Per. 

The iconic Kharisma earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry are a timeless and glamorous design. The beautiful curve is iconic in its simplicity, the hand-felt surfaces play with the light and the collection of pendants allows to add a personal touch to the jewelry. The earrings can be used for all occasions and can be made even more eye-catching with pendants. Note that there is a right and a left earring and that they must be placed so that the curve points away from the face. The jewelry fits beautifully with the other jewelery from this collection, but is also created to be worn with Dulong Fine Jewelry jewelery across the collections.

  • Collection: All Products
  • Jewelry type: Øreringe
  • Details: Bestseller