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Luna loop earrings.

6.900,00 kr.
Retail price
6.900,00 kr.
Price per piece.
0,00 kr.Per. 

The Luna Loop earrings have a thoroughly unique shape and an inviting, silky-matt surface. The innovative design means that the jewellery can be used as discreet, elegant stud earrings or as bold, glamorous earrings with pendants. The jewellery goes beautifully with the other pieces from this collection, but is also designed to be worn with jewellery from across all Dulong collections.

  • Collection: All Products Luna
  • Jewelry type: Øreringe
  • Details: Edgy and outstanding, Uden brillanter

Luna Collections

A fusion of the starry sky and lunar eclipse. Luna is inspired by the night sky and its main characters; the moon and the stars. The collection consists of glamorous earrings with pearls or diamonds and a beautiful necklace with or without diamonds. In the collection, you will also find gorgeous earrings, simple and elegant when worn alone and glamorous with added pendants. Choose between our wide range of pendants to create your own personal look.